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Sign saying Medicare for All Health Care Is A Right

What is Medicare for All?

A Single Health Program

One public health insurance plan where everyone gets the care they need.


All healthcare needs will be included: primary care, dental, vision, mental health, pharmaceuticals, maternity, trans healthcare, and long-term care. You choose your doctors and treatment centers.

Free at the Point of Service

No deductibles, premiums, or fees. All costs will be paid through tax contributions based on ability to pay. Billionaires will pay their fair share. Everyday Americans will pay much less.


Coverage for all U.S. residents—non–citizens and unemployed people included. Everybody in, nobody out.

Fair to All

A jobs initiative and financial support for workers affected by the transition to public healthcare.

A Movement for Health Justice

Only a grassroots, people–powered movement can win the change we need. Will you join us in our fight for health justice?

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